We believe our strength is our people and we encourage their development. We respect them as individuals and believe that teamwork, commitment and integrity are values that lead to success.

Our Human Resource Philosophy

The major objective of our Human Resource management systems is to nurture a strong, committed and professional team, which will contribute to the well-being of the organisation and will motivate and instil pride in employees.

Working with us...

At the Kwality Group we create an enabling atmosphere, where employees can rapidly improve their competency levels. Our aim is to increase the employability and productivity of our human capital. We have tried to bring in systems and policies that help us achieve the above. We are strongly committed in our approach to be proactive towards fulfilling the needs of our employees. We operate around the theme 'Growth for All'.

Creating and nurturing performance orientation

We attempt to create an atmosphere where we train our employees to question, provoke, probe and challenge; be tough and honest with each other so that we are able to effectively deal with the challenges thrown to us by our customers and our competitors. This includes setting clear objectives - linked to individual contribution, team contribution as well as overall organisational performance.

Recognising and rewarding performance

The recognition, reward and incentives are all linked to performance. Our recognition schemes are both for individuals as well as the teams who meet or exceed their set targets.

Learning and Development initiatives

In the highly dynamic business environment we operate in, it is imperative to cultivate and foster a continuous learning environment. At the Kwality Group, we encourage each employee to continuously learn and grow and empower them to become leaders of tomorrow.